The Big North Duo have released three CDs, stream here for free, or buy the tracks to support these independent artists!

2017’s Two Wheeled Twister is Paul and Christian’s second collection of original material, and features collaborations with drummer Matthew Higgins and guitarist Jason Reichert. Check out the swagger Higgins brings to “She Ain’t Got It Like My Baby” and dig the airtight groove Reichert holds with Paul on “Johnny Law”. The majority of the songs on this release were written specifically for this project, though a few songs were substantially rewritten from years past, most notably “Hot Greens Blues” which was performed by different bands as far back as 2006.

Released and recorded in 2014, “Sunday’s Waltz” was The Big North Duo’s first release to focus on original material. The opening song, “Treadwell,” inspired by the 1965 film “Ship of Fools”, sets the tone of the record: moody, by turns dark, and rooted in tradition. No additional instruments or musicians were involved, with the Duo’s natural live sound augmented only by McKee’s backing vocals and the deft hand of recording and mixing engineer Bryan Daste.

BND debut cover
Recorded in McKee’s garage in the winter of 2011, The Big North Duo’s debut focused on their early interpretations of standards, and included only one original, Prato’s bowed bass portrait “Hell’s Kitchen Sings”. Copies of the CD are available for purchase at live performances and can be ordered, along with the remainder of the band’s discography at